A couple of weeks ago I went on a quick getaway to Kakadu in the Northern Territory which is one Australia’s largest national parks – covering 20,000 kms

It was an incredible time and in many ways life changing – out in the wilderness, being at peace and connecting with nature.

One thing that I loved was having no reception or wifi and it was AMAZING to be off grid for a few days.

Since getting back into everyday life I have been very aware of the amount of noise which surrounds me. I’m just so sensitive to it these days. It drains my soul.

I get bothered with all sorts of noise such as motorbikes, rubbish bin collection early in the morning, cars tooting and even dogs barking …

Noise can be so detrimental to your health and well being and it can have such a negative impact on
your energy.

Have you ever stopped to think about the effects “noise” can be having on you? Stress and Anxiety: Constant exposure to noise can trigger your body’s stress response and release stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline … which can lead to increased heart rate, blood pressure and feelings of anxiety. Having this constant noise ends up draining your energy. Sleep: Noise can stop you from falling asleep naturally, it can wake you up during the night and affect you having a rejuvenating and refreshing good night’s sleep.

Reduced Concentration: Noise can be distracting, draining and affect your concentration – so it affects your productivity and increases mental fatigue.

Increased Muscle tension: Constant noise can strain the body and increase the stress in your body such as in your neck and shoulders and overtime can leave you feeling tight, stiff and totally drained and exhausted.

Health Risks: The worst thing is that ongoing exposure to noise is associated with so many health issues such as increased risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and mental health problems. So what can you do to minimise the “noise” around you? When you stop and think about how much noise can drain your energy and vitality … it’s worth taking the time to think how you can create a more peaceful and quiet environment.