The power of taking time out to create your hopes and dreams


In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, it’s all too easy to get caught up in the demands of work, family, and responsibilities. We often find ourselves on a never-ending treadmill, chasing after goals and deadlines, leaving little time to nurture our hopes and dreams. However, there’s immense value in pausing, stepping back, and dedicating time to create and pursue your aspirations.

I was only thinking today – holy shi*t we’re nearing the end of the year already and it’s time to get my skates on and review my hopes and dreams and goals and see how I’m tracking.

The energy shifts have been pretty hectic this year and what has kept me“in my lane” has been focusing on the bigger picture – tuning into my hopes and dreams and sending my attention towards those. After all, “where your attention goes, your energy flows”. This handy mantra has really helped me navigate the ups n downs of this rollercoaster ride of life at the moment.

Taking time out to jot down your hopes and dreams allows you to reflect on your life and the direction it’s taking. What are your hopes and dreams? What truly matters to you? In the quiet moments of reflection, you can gain clarity on your values and what you want to achieve, helping you set meaningful goals. I write and store my hopes and dreams in my notes section on phone and laptop and I update them regularly – especially as I upgrade as I achieve them!

Taking time to write down your hopes and dreams is an act of self-care and personal growth. It allows you to learn, grow, and evolve as an individual and gain a deeper understanding of yourself.

Balancing work, family, and your own personal dreams is crucial for a healthy and fulfilling life. Neglecting your dreams can lead to burnout and a sense of emptiness. Make time to focus on them for more balance and a well-rounded existence and a greater sense of purpose.

In the chaos of our daily lives, it’s easy to feel as if we’re on autopilot, simply reacting to the demands of the moment. Taking time out to focus on your hopes and dreams empowers you to regain control of your life. You become the architect of your destiny, rather than a passive bystander.

Taking time out to create your hopes and dreams is not a selfish act; it’s a necessary and worthwhile endeavour. It’s an investment in your well-being, personal growth, and overall happiness. So, don’t hesitate to pause, reflect, and dedicate time to nurturing your dreams. Your future self will thank you for it, and the world may just become a better place because of it.

How about spending some time this weekend to jot down your hopes and dreams.

Choose the “what” and allow the “how” to happen!!

Be led by the dreams in your heart!