Clarity & Focus Overcome Procrastination to get Sh*t Done!

trusting your vibe

This week I presented at a networking group telling the story behind the launch of my new clothing range Empowered Clothing. The conversations brought up the importance of having clarity to help bring your dreams to fruition.

I maintained clarity and focus from the conception of the idea which really helped to me launch within a year. If I didn’t stay persistent and have my “eye on the prize” I would probably still be dragging my tail attempting to get across the line.

So I was thinking today about procrastination and how it can stop us in our tracks and dampen our dreams.

Procrastination often results from having unclear goals and a lack of focus, as well as having a negative mindset. Think of your inner critic who is always so quick to judge and put you down and can derail your positivity.

However, when you level up your mindset, you can overcome the critic and bring in your inner coach. This really helps to boost your intent and productivity – and having clarity and focus is essential for success.

So be inspired by these few short strategies to beat procrastination and get sh*t done …

The Power of Clarity

Clear goals and priorities provide direction and motivation:

Set Clear Goals: Define goals and break them into smaller tasks – try 15 minute chunks.
Accountability: Share your goals with others for external motivation. Keep your mates up todate with your dreams.
Effective Prioritisation: Distinguish urgent tasks.
Visualise Success: Imagine your successful outcomes and how it makes you feel as if you have achieved them already. This is great for your motivation.

The Art of Focus

Maintaining focus is vital for staying productive:

To-Do Lists: Organise tasks and don’t forget to celebrate the completed ones.
Single-Tasking: Focus on one task at a time to increase efficiency. Not always that easy with our busy lives.
Time Blocking: Allocate specific time blocks for tasks. I call it my “non negotiable” times and have dedicated uninterrupted times.
Mindfulness Techniques: Keep grounded and “in the moment” – try walking in nature, meditation or working out.

Beating procrastination is a journey. By nurturing clarity and focus, you empower yourself to manage tasks effectively and achieve goals. With each simple, small step, you move closer to conquering procrastination and making your dreams come true. Hope this inspires those of you who are sitting on a mountain of good ideas and have done nothing about it! Unlock your potential and give it a go. Life’s too short … Stop procrastinating, and start doing!