The Significance of Strength Training in Menopause

Once again a theme has been emerging over the past few weeks … the importance of strength training during the menopausal years and beyond.  As women navigate through menopause, it’s really important to focus on creating a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Amidst the various considerations, strength training stands out as a critical component, particularly for […]

Harnessing the Energy of the Super New Moon and Lunar New Year

Harnessing the Energy of the Super New Moon and Lunar New Year for Personal and Business Growth As we embrace the energy of the Super New Moon in Aquarius and the onset of the Lunar New Year, it presents an opportune moment for reflection and recalibration. Take a moment to assess: Are you on track […]

Embrace September: Step into Spring by renewing your Mind, Body, and Soul.

Hello September – it’s a season of change and renewal! For us in the Southern Hemisphere, Spring marks a time when nature wakes up in full bloom and fills our lives with lots of colour and vibrant energy. This month provides the perfect opportunity to engage in a holistic spring cleaning, not just for our […]

The Power of having Regular Breaks to Recharge & Reset

In today’s fast-paced 24/7 world, it’s easy to become consumed by life’s demands and the never ending to-do list. However, amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we often forget the importance of hitting the pause button and taking regular breaks or getaways to reset our batteries. Here’s a few reasons why you should […]

Riding Life’s Wave: Embracing the Flow

Life is often compared to a turbulent ocean, with its ebbs and flows. How we navigate these waves can significantly impact our well-being. Instead of being stuck in the solidness of life, there’s great value in learning to ride the wave and follow the energy. Imagine a surfer catching a wave: they harness its energy […]

Preparing for a Stellar 2024: Cleaning Up for a Fresh Start

Hey there, amazing readers! As I wrap up conversations with so many of you this week, there’s a buzz in the air about the promising start that 2024 is set to bring. The consensus is clear – it’s time to gear up for a fantastic year ahead. And what better way to kick things off […]